Wordless{ish} Wednesday: A little bit of color

::Wordless{ish} Wednesday is where I post a picture(s) without words. Feel free to link up your own post without words in the comments so I can check out your image too!::





Our girl has a recurring croup cough that kept her home one day, again, this week. But that sun was out, and it was warmer, so I set her up outside with some chalk, and her imagination. So good to do on a day when you are barking like a seal.


Happy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Wordless{ish} Wednesday: A little bit of color

    1. LOL Tomorrow:) I had already put together this one for today!
      I didn’t know when I would chop off my hair because I am an impulse haircutter. Ha!
      I just get the bug, and have to do it right now!

      1. that’s fun! I am also an impulse haircutter… good thing my husband doesn’t care. He didn’t even notice last fall when I chopped it all off (at least a foot of hair!)

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