Here is something else I have been working on lately…


Do you know Clara from Doctor Who??


This is for a teen Doctor Who fan.


There were a few modifications done for comfort, like lowering the neckline, and the fabric I am using is a stiffer cotton (from Spoonflower) so it doesn’t have the same drape.


It is a little large on my dress form, but you get the idea. I used, as a base, a new Simplicity pattern (adjustable fit) with princess seams. I really loved this pattern and would love to try it for myself.

She is going to try it on today. I hope she likes it!

What are YOU making today?

9 thoughts on “Clara

  1. I have not heard of that. is it a tv show? what a fun dress though. I hope she loves it! I am working on purple/blue jeans for me. I’ve been sewing along with Melly sews and am trying a rub off of some skinny jeans. so we’ll see I need to put in the waistband and hem them.

    1. Kristi- It is a Science fiction TV show that started waaaaay back in the 1960’s?!
      Now it is updated and always has had a following.
      That is so cool that you are sewing with Melly! I wanted to make myself a pair of jeans too…
      Ah, maybe someday!
      I can’t wait to see yours!

      1. I have made others. On these I tried out a new seaming technique for the back that Sabra suggests, which is great, but I didn’t add the extra width to the SA. So now I have low back. So I need to redraft a little wider waistband and I just can’t seem to get around to it! Maybe tomorrow! 🙂

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