X is for Xylem

Today I am joining in the fun over at No Big Dill’s series:

Sew All 26a

I LOVE Katy’s blog so very much. She is the ultra talented mom of 6 adorable children. If you haven’t checked her out, I don’t believe you hop on over!

Anyhow, I have the letter X!

X is for Xylem. Look it up. It’s a thing.


(Xylem is one of the two types of transport tissue in vascular plants) This dress looks like that, right?


The tulip sleeves also form an x (part of the top side is underneath).

irishbackm See that detail on the sash? Many little X’s!


PS- I know that this dress was originally her St. Patrick’s day dress, but I couldn’t resist making it fit the X theme. It is such an honor to be a part of the series! Thanks Katy!!

12 thoughts on “X is for Xylem

  1. Xylem is totally a thing! My daughter did her 1st grade Science Fair project on xylem — carnations and colored water isn’t far off from tulle and flower shaped skirts — I can see it. Hurray pretty green dresses, hurray science!

  2. What a fun dress full of lovely details. Congratulations on a successful dress and for being featured on Sew All 26. And one of these days I’m going to check out your gluten free page. It’s on my to-do list.

    1. Thanks Angela! I absolutely adore Katy’s blog, so I am completely appreciative she featured my X dress!
      Let me know what you think of my GF page! I just put whatever good things I find. Three of us here are GF, so it can be challenging.

  3. oh this is awesome! and three cheers for your big brain – i think i learned about xylem in school but that knowledge had long been shoved back into the “vague familiarity” part of my brain. beautiful dress though!

    1. LOL Kristin. My brain so couldn’t remember this, either.
      I got my girls together with a dictionary, and we chose which word closely resembled the dress!
      They thought this one was perfect.

  4. Gorgeous!! That is a beautiful dress ;o) Oh and I just saw you are going to be on skirt fixation! How exciting ;o) Emily

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