Bow tie sillies

My husband asked me to make him a bow tie the other day, for “bow tie Saturday” at his job. Well, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, I tell you.

I love men in bow ties!


Especially “Pigeon” bow ties!

I got a super wonderful tutorial here at Sew Like My Mom. He, of course, wanted one to tie on, not the velcro type.

So I made two.

The Bee saw us going outside for a photo session, and she grabbed one, made a quick and sloppy attempt at the bow tie knot, and jumped in the photos.


And just like that we had ourselves a memory.






It is a rare thing to have a time like this, when normally we spend our lives running from place to place, activity to chore. I love that we spontaneously got to goof around for a few minutes. A precious moment between a teen and her Papa.


And it all started with a bow tie.

6 thoughts on “Bow tie sillies

  1. I love this spontaneous memory and the bow tie is fun too! I agreed to make some ties for little kids grow, so last night I stayed up making two regular ties for my little guys (black with tiny white polka dots) and now I just need to make the pants and get pictures done by tomorrow!

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