Test the Schoolboy Vest

I got to test this fabulous pattern by Abby of Sew Much Ado, recently.


The Schoolboy Vest


It’s totally not just for boys!


BTW: Yes, I had my child do the photo shoot in the rain. Cause we live in the Pacific Northwest…and it rains more than not.


 I was assigned the welt pockets, but the pattern also has an option for faux welts. It also can be reversible. AND one of the best things is a buttonhole guide so you know where they go!


The back even has a back tie (belt).


For this vest, I over-dyed a cream-colored sheet (on purpose) this golden color and lined it with a beautiful dark blue fabric (I think Michael Miller?) that I had been saving for something special.


I also whipped up a matching skirt.


*Ignore the slouchy tights leg.


This is such a well written, easy-to-follow pattern. I love the details that make this vest really professional looking. And did I mention that buttonhole guide? I will tell you again because it is so great to have something to space the buttonholes for me! I never seem to get them evenly spaced, and now they are.


As always, it was pleasure testing such a wonderful pattern for Sew Much Ado patterns.


Thanks Abby! The pattern is so good that we willingly stood in freezing downpour for it!

Oh~ and Y is for YELLOW!


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12 Thoughts on “Test the Schoolboy Vest

  1. Kristi Andres on March 15, 2014 at 8:36 am said:

    that is really cute! I love how you added the skirt, that definitely makes it a school girl vest! Ah, the rain, that’s just how it is here :)

  2. I signed for this testing, but wasn’t called =(
    I love yours though, I love the matching skirt, and she looks so cute! =D

  3. Thank you for testing for me again Michelle! I love the girly vest! Lola loves the one I made for her too!

  4. super cute! Love the yellow. I recently made my son stand in the rain too ;o) When it is raining all week, I just can’t wait for it to stop ;o) Emily

  5. A little rain never hurts! I managed to grow-up with a lot of rain because I grew-up in the northwest too…so your post drew me in. Love the fabrics & yellow is such a happy color even if the sun isn’t shinning.

  6. I didn’t realize when I first read this post that you’d dyed the vest! Amazing lady!

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