March-ing through the forest

It is March. Traditionally, the definition of weird weather.

This week, our surroundings are covered in thick fog in the morning, and by the afternoon it all has been chased away by blinding, beautiful sun. I know this won’t last, I mean, every March we get a mixed bag of strange. We have even gotten snow.

On our latest walk in the woods, I remembered to grab my camera to capture the essence of March.

forestfogm What I found after the fog lifted, mostly to my surprise, was webs!

forestweb3m Beautiful, though unexpected in the Spring.

forestwebm Once I saw one, I saw many.

forestwebhiddenm Can you see this one too?

forestwebprettym We, like those spiders, are still working on my web site (on the web- get it?). I hope you will find the results beautiful too.

2 thoughts on “March-ing through the forest

  1. March is a mixed bag for weather in WA. But I’ve been loving the sunshine this year. In the past I have been lulled into planting things. But I’m getting savvy to the temptation of sun when we’re really not probably keeping it! 🙂 I’m going to have to show Sam the spider webs, he loves spiders and webs!

    1. YES! Absolutely. I feel like digging around in the dirt and planting, but I know better.
      I was so surprised to see spider webs! Usually they cover the forest in Fall.
      But I guess, the spiders have to eat too:)

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