Feather Messenger Bag

Crazy Little Projects is hosting another sewing challenge and the theme is “bags”. More specifically, one of them is Messenger bags.

If you have been around here for a while, you know that I seem to go through bags quickly. Even though I just made this one, not so long ago, I thought I would make another, slightly larger, that I can use as well. You know, just in case.

bagfeather7mm I finally found the perfect size to fit all my stuff in!

bagfeather3m I only used materials I had in my stash already. It is made from two different sturdy denim fabrics. And then I found inspiration from Maya Made.

bagfeatherckosem I have always loved feathers (see here) even as a child, so when I saw the beautiful feathers that Maya was painting, I asked myself why has it taken so long for me to paint them on fabric?!

bagfeatherstrap2m My machine has quite a few of these fun stitches. The strap reminds me of a guitar strap.

bagfeatherzipm When the flap is lifted, you can see I added a zippered pocket onto the front.

bagfeatherinsidem Inside is this great polka dotted fabric. I put in a patch pocket and a magnetic snap closure.

bagfeather4m I didn’t actually use a pattern for this one. Just winged it, and couldn’t be happier with the results!

I really think that everything is better with grommets, don’t you?

What have YOU made today?

7 thoughts on “Feather Messenger Bag

  1. LOVE love LOVE your bag!!! Messenger bags are my all-time favorite kind of bag. It’s the only style that’s suitable for my life.

    I love your detailing and I’m just gonna be a little selfish here and say that if you were to make another one I would buy it in a heart beat! 😉

  2. That is absolutely fantastic. I love the painted feathers! 🙂 I’ll see if I can get a picture of my pants/purse taken. It’s been such a great bag/purse for me!

  3. Said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again…. you make the BEST bags Michelle!!! I would buy every single bag you’ve ever made in a shop, and I LOVE this one – the feathers are beautiful, you’re so clever <3

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