Quilt blocks

I found this tutorial over at Imagine Gnats for circular placemats and just had to try it. They are so pretty!

I started with making the quilt blocks.

quiltswuarem I used my Christmas gift fabric from my lovely sister-in-law and family.

quiltsinglem I took my time and lined up seams and even ironed them all flat as I went.

quiltsquareprettym Then it all went wonky. When I went to quilt them onto the batting sandwich, they looked fine. Then I used the binding. I have no idea what went wrong, but they turned into concave bowl shapes. I did not take any photos of them. Really, I am trying to figure out what I did!

quiltsquare3m So I will savor these photos of when they looked pretty.

Ah well. There’s always something to sew tomorrow.

What have you sewn wrong today?

4 thoughts on “Quilt blocks

  1. Oh, no this is trouble… could you starch them and use them as bowls? 🙂 Then all is not for loss. So we did our crazy lip sync last night and the video (a little blurry) is on my facebook page. I made the shirts and hats for us. Turned out pretty fun I think! Something I messed up would have to be the first neckline on my swim shirt. I was trying a bias bound neckline and it was totally wonky. Luckily the neckline was already kind of small so I just cut it off and sewed the same kind I usually do!

    1. I was so upset with them, I tossed them into my craft closet and shut the door. LOL
      I love your outfits! You did a great job. You could even wear that stripey shirt every day!

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