Sherpa Purse

I needed to whip up a quick purse for myself because I KEEP RIPPING MY BAGS!!

I carry waaaaaay too much stuff around all the time, and I am drawn to pretty printed cottons. Consequently I have to replace my bags all the time. They just don’t hold up.

Anyhow, I had some of that sherpa/suede fabric left over from this coat, and it is sturdy. So a bag it is.

sherpapurse3m I adore those exposed seams I used for Falafel’s jacket and used them plenty here.

sherpapursem Lots of cushy sherpa inside to keep my stuff all cozy and safe. Cause wallets and epipens like that, right?

sherpapruse2m A magnetic closure was added to prevent my stuff from dumping out all over. I may or may not be speaking from experience.

sherpabucklem The metal hook is just for show…and to weigh down the flap. I really want my stuff to stay in. I could have made it functional, but honestly I can’t be bothered to fuss so much to fasten my bag when I use it. I like easy access without it spilling.

sherpastrapm I used matching metal loops to attach the strap. Shortly after I constructed the main bag part, I realized I would be covered head to toe, constantly in fuzz (this stuff sheds like crazy). To reduce the amount it was already getting on me, I made the strap from corduroy.

sherpafuzzm I did throw it into the dryer for a cycle to see if any of the fuzz would come off. That just seemed to anger the fluff even more and it decided to cover the corduroy strap too out of spite.


Overall (fuzz aside) this is definitely the sturdy bag I needed, for now. I know come Summer I will not want to carry around anything furry, fuzzy, or warm.

I’ll just have to make a new one, then.

What have YOU made today?

4 thoughts on “Sherpa Purse

  1. Oh, I love the bag! I made one a couple of months ago from my favorite jeans that don’t fit (I think I mentioned that before, sorry, I repeat myself) and some fun quilting cotton that I doubled over and quilted some batting in the middle to give it strength. It has fun black wooden handles. I should take a picture later and show you. It has six outside pockets and the big one inside. I love it because it has so much room!!

  2. this ones looks like it’s gonna last… we really have been thinking alike Michelle and I just can laugh at it. Two days ago I looked at my leather bag… ripped… but I was only with the thought of “I have to get myself into making a new one”…haven’t yet though…

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