To Infinity and Beyond

Well, I made something but it has nothing to do with Buzz Lightyear (get it? The title?) . Every time I hear the word “infinity” as in infinity scarf, I automatically go to Toy Story. What’s wrong with me?

Anyhow, I jumped on the recycled t-shirt infinity scarf bandwagon.


I made a few.


These are so much fun. I took old t-shirts and threw them in with some bleach to see what would happen. Then cut and tied.


Then we had ourselves a nice little photo session.


Falafel thought this one went well with her shirt.


I have to agree.


I wouldn’t recommend these for little kids, but my 8 year old loves it.


OK just one more of her…


I gave one to The Bee as well.


Very snazzy, no?


Of course, she gave me some goofy ones.


Needless to say, goofy or sweet, both girls love their new scarves.


I love how easy it was to make them!

Have you made these yet? Do you wear scarves?

4 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond

  1. Those are fun… I haven’t seen those yet. do you just cut a bunch of strips and knot them at one end? I love wearing scarves now that I have short hair especially. I for some reason don’t like the feel of my neck exposed. I probably have about 10 scarves and wear them almost every day! 🙂

    1. I can do a tutorial one of these days, but you basically lay the shirt flat, sideways. Then cut strips (which are in fact loops because you keep the sides together). When you get to the underarms, stop.
      Then you gather them up in a big circle and pull to stretch them out.
      Then take a small piece of fabric and wrap on side and tie.
      That is it!

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