If the shoe fits: Project Sewn Challenge

OK I wasn’t actually planning on sewing along with this one either, but once again I put it in the hands of the BNP fates. I asked if anyone had eyelets (or grommets) because I did have an idea for an outfit and it must have eyelets (which I was out of).

The fates answered in the form of a lovely woman who just happened to have about 15 that she wasn’t using.

 I got to work, immediately using the fabric I had in my stash. I always have a few cream colored twin flat sheets that I save for projects, and a few bottles of RIT dye just in case.

I started with tie-dyeing a sheet blue. Unbeknown to me, my husband’s black pen fell out of his pocket into the dryer, and my sheet was the lucky recipient of black random splotches.

Alright. I could still work with that. I decided to go with it and do a little Jackson Pollock to bring some continuity and intention to the design. Everything was going swimmingly well. There was piping and bias tape and beautiful little details. Then I tried it on. My design had a cut-out circle in the back (outlined with black piping). It was super cute. Then there was a zipper below it. It looked great on the table. Not so much on me. There was a huge bubble that I could not fix. I tried taking the shoulders in and even making a pleat. With each “fix” it got worse.

So I did what any sane sewist would do. I scrapped the dress (that I spent, literally, all day on), and started over. *sigh*

On to… the shoes.


I will now tell you another story. For those that are new here, my feet are huge for the size of my body. Not only do I wear a size 9 shoe (and am 5’4″), but they are 4E in width. This makes finding attractive shoes next to impossible. Unless you think the words “taupe” and “orthopedic” sound pretty.

They are not.

Anyhow, my older daughter wears a size 10 in women’s shoes. Because they are a size larger than I wear, there are a few pairs that are wide enough for me to wear for a day. These are one of them!


It was freezing cold out side, and I was covered in goosebumps (see the next photo) and I had two different photographers (my husband and my 8 year old). These are the best they got.


I used the same Truffle dress pattern from the Colette sewing handbook that I used for The Bee. Only this time I used piping and bias tape along with eyelets on the bodice. There is a sweet little bit of a ruffle peeking out of polka dotted tulle that I sewed to the skirt lining. Oh and only 1 pocket! I thought that would be fun. And you know, it is.


I am so uncomfortable in front of the camera…clearly.

Neither one of them got a good photo of the back, and as I have only a few hours to link this up, I can tell you there is a zip and the black piping goes all the way around and actually lines up in the back!


I do love romping around in these boots. They make my feet look as fun as they are gonna get.


I enjoy making myself clothing, and goodness knows that I could use them, but I think it is less challenging to photograph my kids wearing clothing I made for them. Aaaand I am a big ol’ baby about standing in the 40 degree temps in a sleeveless dress. Ha!

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Do you have an outfit to go with them?

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    1. Thanks so much! I know!! I am the same way. I have to be very conscious of taking photos of the details or even the process…sometimes I just want to get it done! LOL
      Thanks for stopping by.

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