A vote for me to compete

Today I am asking you to give me a vote (only if you liked my outfit) over at Project Run and Play so that I can be the next contestant!

prpoutfitwall3m {Original post here}

I have been sewing along with Project Run and Play and it’s many seasons, for a while now, and love every minute of it. I think it would be amazing to actually get to compete amongst the talented ladies that are always chosen. It would give me an extra push in the creativity department and motivate me to hone those skills that need honing. Take it up a notch, if you will.

Plus, I think it would be fun.

PLUS plus, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any new fabric unless I get in.

Thanks, friends!

Vote here

10 Thoughts on “A vote for me to compete

  1. That would be amazing to see you competing!

  2. Kristi Andres on February 20, 2014 at 8:39 am said:

    OK, I went to vote and it’s not open yet!! Will try back later. :)

  3. I did :)

    I would love to see you make it!!!

  4. You got my vote! I’d love to see you compete!

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