I could never adopt a sheep/ also just because it’s free doesn’t mean I should use it

I wonder what kinds of people that title will attract? heh

Well, I am allergic to lanolin. Really allergic. Which means that most wool is out of the question. I can’t wear it or sew with it. Not at all. The more natural it is, the worse it is for me.

BUT I did get a few yards for free and I thought it might be a blend, and it was so perfect for this pattern, and and and….

As I was cutting it out, it became apparent rather quickly that we were not getting along, this fabric and I. My first tip off was the itchy fingers I had, then the runny nose, along with the itchy eyes. Then my lips started to tingle. Achoooooooo.

Did that stop me? Well no. I just put on some vinyl gloves and carried on. So there, wool!
I cut it out as quickly as I could, and also a liner (cause it was kindof itchy) and made The Bee another dress from The Colette sewing Handbook.


I must say that this fabric was rapidly becoming the bane of my existence. No matter how much I ironed it, the wrinkles would not go away. And it frayed. And I am not sure if it was the fabric (let’s just blame it anyway cause I am on a roll) but this dress did not fit her as well as the other one. I even took it in an inch on both sides after it was done, and it STILL was big, even though I measured her twice and it was the correct size.


And have you ever tried sewing with vinyl gloves on??!!


Anyhow, she still wore it and still likes it, it is just a bit wrinkly and baggy.


I told her to throw on a sweater and call it good.


I have learned that just because it is free does not mean I should use it.


And me and wool are clearly not friends.


W is for WOOL

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  1. Oh, that’s horrible to sew with gloves and be allergic to the fabric! The worst I had lately was my lightbulb (in the machine) burning out and so I sewed that way for a few days before the new lightbulb came in. It’s harder than it sounds because the machine itself blocks the room light.

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