A dress for my teen

With all of this Falafel sewing lately, The Bee was feeling left out. I LOVE that she still wants me to make her clothing. Truthfully, though, it takes so much more fabric, that it isn’t always financially viable.

I was lucky to get 3 yards of this buttery Robert Kaufman fabric from someone on the Buy Nothing Project. I can’t tell you how much I love all these resources for free fabric. Seriously, so appreciative.  I make it a point to check out my local Freecycle, Craigslist (free section), or Buy Nothing Project for fabric, all the time. I have found some pretty amazing stuff and met some lovely people.

Then, I went to the library and found a book with patterns in it for adult clothing. Double Yay!

It is called the Colette sewing handbook by Sarai Mitnick.

I traced and cut out the Truffle Dress as requested by my teen.


She adores it! You can tell because she volunteered to be photographed in the snow without a coat. BTW: we did this photoshoot the other day when there was snow on the ground, briefly.


She is a size 0, but this pattern ran slightly large in certain areas, so I took it in while I was sewing, and accidentally took too much. I fixed it by adding a triangle of red in the back. I actually love that pop of color!


I also added a sash to add another pop of red in the front to literally tie it together.


This is a very fitted dress with darts and everything. I even tried my best to pattern match. It was tricky to do with that diagonal piece, but I really put in some effort there. It would have sewn up so much quicker with a solid color.


I have been really trying to sew with what I have in my stash or use free fabric. I love that she has a new sassy little dress that cost nothing but time. I even had the vintage metal zipper already.


I am learning new things to sew for her in hopes to sew a formal dress for her big dance at the end of the year.


It is my pleasure to sew for her as much as she wants, because I know how time goes.


T is for Truffle Dress and Teen!

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22 Thoughts on “A dress for my teen

  1. Beautiful! And amazing fabric score. I had that book out from the library too! I should really revisit it now that my teen is in adult sizes.

  2. Kristi Andres on February 15, 2014 at 11:17 am said:

    That is so beautiful. I bet she feels like a princess in it. I think I have checked out that book from the library, but I might have to revisit it.
    I also love free fabric. My mother in law gets tons of fabric from people that are clearing out their stashes because she coordinates a blanket project from her basement that sends blankets all over the world. So there are often things like knit, corduroy, bottom weight fabric, etc. that she doesn’t necessarily want to sew into a quilt top that I get for free too! It results in some unique clothes for the kids, but it’s fun!

    • Thanks – she really does!
      That is all sorts of wonderful, Kristi! How great of her to give you the fabrics you can use!

      • Kristi Andres on February 15, 2014 at 9:27 pm said:

        I’m in love with free fabric too… so my son (he’s 7) is begging me to start blogging with him… he’s a creative thinker this one!)… so I’m still in the thinking about it phase… perhaps kopykat and kids?

        • I started one with my oldest a few years ago (just using wordpress.com)and I monitored any comments. The novelty wore off soon after.
          I am OK with that.
          I think it was good practice though. Hone those writing skills and creativity! That is great!

  3. Gorgeous and what a bonus that the fabric was free!

  4. Beeeeeutiful! I thought the red band was a design feature to look like the ribbons from the sash extended to the hem. Own it girlfriend, it looks amazing! Collette has a blog and also a nice newsletter with great weekly tips.

  5. The dress looks fabulous on the Bee and that fabric is perfect for her. How wonderful that it was free. Isn’t it nice when a ‘save’ like your red triangle makes the garment even better? It has happened to me many times!

  6. So beautiful. I really like the pattern and the fabric is just too beautiful Also, the Bee looks so good. Great fit!

  7. She is just stunning!! And that dress is absolutely amazing, really beautiful :)

  8. Came over from your link on makeit-loveit. I love it! Nice work, it looks beautiful on your daughter! I love the Colette book too!

  9. A great success! Sometimes when my teen winds up not liking something so much I have to remind myself that we still had a nice time designing it together and maybe working on it together. And that in itself is all good. At least when the fabric was free. Tough to swallow when I actually pay for it.

  10. The dress is gorgeous on your daughter! I really love the silhouette. I’ll have to pull my copy of the book out and see if I can interest my teen in some of the dresses in there.;)

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