Valentine Bags

Our girls LOVE Valentine’s day. What is not to love, really?

The Sweets? The Hearts? The Love and appreciation for each other?


All fabulous.

BTW: please ignore my nubby nails, as always.

So I whipped them up these lovely bags to put some goodies in to sweeten their day.


I used this tutorial over at Twinkle and Twine. It is one of the best tutorials I have ever seen and used. She really breaks it down and makes these seemingly complicated bags, completely doable.


This one was made with that same brocade fabric that I used for Falafel’s dress. After she eats all the treats, she can use it as a little purse to go with that dress.


For The Bee, I used some eyelet I had in my stash paired with this tie dyed green fabric with copper swirls printed on it. It looks a little more grown up for my teen.


I have made my fair share of pouches, but none this adorable. Seriously. That little clear heart window detail makes this extra special. And the finish is so professional!


You can always tell how much I love a project by how many photos I take of it.


Wishing you lots of love in your life, today and always.

7 thoughts on “Valentine Bags

  1. Very cute! I’ve been flirting with the idea of sewing a couple of windowed bags for the little toys we have underfoot, but I don’t think they’ll come out as classy as this pair!

    1. Thanks Ann. That is a great idea! These are fairly small, but I bet they would look cute larger!
      I was thinking that it might be fun to do something like this on clothing (without the clear vinyl).
      It is such a cool little trick.

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