Project Sewn: Pretty in …Fuchsia.

I was on the fence about joining this round of Project Sewn. The theme is “pink” in it’s many shades, and I happen to look terrible in most pinks plus, I never have any significant yardage in my stash.

But I really do enjoy a good sew-a-long and all that comes with it! So last night I put it out to our local community on the Buy Nothing Project. I left it to the Buy Nothing Fates, if you will.

Within 5 minutes this lovely woman responded that she had 6 yards of fuchsia knit that she bought but never used.

Yup. That did it. I picked it up this morning, sewed it during the day, and photographed it this afternoon.


First I made a shirt. It is self-drafted.


I am proud of this especially because the knit was super soft and extremely stretchy, which made it difficult to sew with. I was determined, though, and ironed that neck down until it behaved!


It is tricky to sew tops when you are *ahem* top heavy, as I am.


I wasn’t done, though. OH NO. I decided since I had 6 whole yards to play with that the perfect thing to do with this kind of fabric is make a fabulous skirt.


I love it so much. I paired it with the shirt for these photos, but in reality, I might tone down the pink by wearing a different colored shirt.


The skirt was made like a circle skirt, only I used overlapping squares, then added a yoga-type waistband.


My 8 year old took these photos. I think she did well considering she was photographing someone who is uncomfortable being photographed!


I am so very thankful for the community we live in, and for the one online. Without either, I wouldn’t have discovered my inner pink.

What have YOU sewn today?

13 thoughts on “Project Sewn: Pretty in …Fuchsia.

  1. I *love* that layered skirt! You made excellent use of that gifted yardage. I still find knits (especially the super stretchy ones) difficult to work with.

    1. Thank you Ann!
      It is so much fun to wear. I feel like twirling:)
      This knit worked beautiful and easily for the skirt, because there was little hemming involved.
      The shirt was a labor of love, for sure!

  2. You did it!!! 🙂 I think it all looks great. I think seperates is probably the way to go, although the picture towards the end that has you in the shirt, skirt and a black top too looks great! And you have tights that match. What a deal (ok, I have tights that color too!) 🙂 Great job all around. Way to use the 6 yards.

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