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In another life, I painted. For a living and for fun and on a whim.

I used to paint clothing for a job for two different people, and then for myself in my early 20’s. And I was a Fine Arts major in college, so I painted for fun and education too. I painted murals for people. I even painted my car.

Then the children came. Over this next part of my life, painting has taken on a much more practical application. Usually in the form of walls.

The other day I found a few chairs on freecycle, and an idea hit me. I have always wanted to paint an “art” chair. So what was stopping me?

chairwholem I have begun.

chairback2m My inspiration for this one is an old favorite board book (Bear in a Square) from when The Bee was small. It had made such an impression on me that I can still see in my mind the bright colors and patterns the illustrator used, a whole 14 years later.

chairclosem It is not done, yet. I still have places to touch up and things to add, and the whole thing to seal, but I am on my way.

chairm I forgot all the things that I love about painting. Like picking it up whenever I have a spare moment or two. It is a very forgiving craft and fairly easy to leave and come back to. Very portable too. I did some of this on our kitchen counter while drinking coffee and eating a brownie. I did have to use a fork to eat, though, to avoid painting my food. Ha!

Have you painted before? Do you paint now?


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8 thoughts on “Back to Paint

    1. Thanks! I plan to do more dots! I went to a regular ol college and majored in art, even though I wanted to go to a beautiful art school on the east coast. I found that people honed their skills just by doing. And when you think you are done, do a little more.
      My favorite classes were ceramics, jewelery making, and drawing. The painting I took in college was more design oriented which never appealed to me (until now). I am not very good with a ruler.

  1. That is wonderful! I have painted a lot of walls and am not really an artist but I did a fun armoire for the girls with stripes on the drawers and flowers on the doors. They no longer need it so it’s now part of my sewing room. I couldn’t bear to repaint it so I just worked my sewing space colors with it in mind. 🙂 Ok i tracked down the picture from 2005
    by the way what did you fill the hot packs to warm in the microwave with. I need some for my kids and i can’t remember. Thanks!

  2. I love this chair so much, I want to decorate my whole house to match it. (I won’t as my hubbie would object and visitors would think I was mad) but I have to find something I can paint inspired by this. It’s just sooooo lovely.

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