PR&P Challenge 4: Signature Style

Deciding how to define my”style” was the most difficult part of this challenge. I have no doubt you could probably spot something I made from a mile away, but why?

Quirky? Eclectic? Fun? Eccentric? Unconventional?

For this final garment, I chose other common themes that I see in my own work.

Practical, resourceful, daring.

Practical: I always try to make something that will be worn. Sometimes fancy fits the bill. Although I will admit that I was thinking of Spring with this one.

Resourceful: I like to work with what I have. Luckily I had this incredible brocade that I got for free. I seem to find free fabric quite a bit. It is out there. You just need to look!

Daring: Lastly, I am not afraid to try new things! After all, that is how I learn the most. It is what I love about sewing. There is always a new technique or skill to try out.


I started with another of my favorite patterns as a base, The Noelle Party dress by Peek a Boo patterns.


The outside of the dress is made from that free brocade I had in my stash. It was like sewing butter. Well, butter that frays easily, heh. This was only the second time I have ever used this kind of fabric. I made sure I used lots of it to get the skirt portion of the dress very full.


You can see that same sheet that I dyed peeking out. I used it to line the entire dress.


I added a pink silk sash with a detachable bow.


And made a matching headband (also with a detachable bow).


The back has an invisible zip. And that is it. Fairly simple and much loved.


My girl gets big points for allowing me to photograph her in 40 degrees. She was such a good sport about it!


If you look closely, you can see her little red nose. Don’t worry. I had her coat and hot cocoa standing by.

I had fun sewing along with this season’s Project Run and Play, as usual.

What have YOU made today?


V is for Sweet Virlandaise (because we were reading Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth at the time).

25 thoughts on “PR&P Challenge 4: Signature Style

  1. it is surely pretty but I have to point, this doesn’t look to me as your signature style! I usually spot you out of the links but it didn’t happen this time. But, as I said, this is still a beautiful dress and a great work.

  2. At first I was surprised that this was your signature style (I would normally pick something like the tunic dress you just made or, especially, the feather dress), but the accessories, the clever use of stash fabric, and the peeking contrasts ARE all very you. Funny! And great job. She looks delighted.

    1. Thanks Ann:) I was going for the less obvious signature style, apparently! LOL
      I honestly was also getting ahead, and made her an Easter dress:) So practical.

  3. Lovely dress! Pink and gold combination is so pretty. I am sure you will get good use out of this dress, as Valentine and Easter coming! And any day in spring is a great time to dress up!

  4. What a lovely dress! The fabric is just beautiful and the dress fits her beautifully. I love that she will gets lots of use out of it and that you have one Easter ensemble complete! Bravo!

  5. lol I think we all have been doing that with our kids! The dress is lovely and I always love that you can see how much your girls love what you make them. 😀

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