Mentioning Unmentionables

I am feeling better. I think I needed a day of rest.

So, today, I am sharing my underwear.

Under where?

Heh. I make myself giggle.

Actually this is the very first pair of girls’ underwear (for my youngest) that I have ever made!!

undies There are things that I learned from doing this. Like what parts need to have more stretch and what material works best. I actually started with the bands cut out from an old t-shirt, but they had less elasticity than the main fabric, so it didn’t work.

I used The Classic Panties pattern from Peek a Boo Patterns. She makes it very easy to whip these up. Seriously. Have you ever bought underwear and thought to yourself “WOW I am paying “x” amount for these and there is barely anything to them? I bet I could make them!“.

And you can.

These are not the prettiest or the neatest thing I have sewn, but definitely the most practical and the most appreciated! Falafel came home from school and instantly put them on. They are her most favorite pair now.

I love that. I honestly just sewed them up to see if I could. Falafel happens to be very allergic to the exposed elastic that is found in most pairs of underwear. To find ones she can wear can be difficult, and the ones we have found are expensive. These are perfect! Hooray for trying something new and loving it!

What have YOU sewn today?

PS- I was not asked to review this pattern. I just like to share things I find, with you, as always:)

U is for Unmentionable Underwear

5 thoughts on “Mentioning Unmentionables

  1. You would have fun telling jokes with my 7 year old. 🙂 Have you seen the underwear book? Not sure who it is by, but it’s hilarious. I haven’t tried finishing the edges with fabric (cause I don’t have any allergic to elastic kids) but that’s a great idea. What is the sizing on that pattern?

    1. It goes from 12 mos to 12 years! I made her a size 7/8 even though she wears a 6 clothing. Falafel always wears a size up in undies.
      These fit her beautifully.
      You should try it. It is a little extra work, but they are super comfy!

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