Christmas Valentines

We have lovely thoughtful friends that send us beautiful photo Christmas cards every year, so I leave them hanging until the end of January. Sometimes I save them until the next year to see how everyone has changed, and sometimes I don’t. But I can’t get past how much thought has gone into them, so I wanted to find a way to appreciate them a while longer.

heartm I cut out some hearts (I used construction paper and some of the Christmas cards to mount onto) and got out the ol’ glue stick. Simple as that.

heart2m I wrote loving words around them and hung them over our wood stove (where the Christmas cards were hanging).

heart3m Now we have a beautiful Valentine’s display of our loved ones.

What do you do with left over Christmas cards?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Valentines

  1. That is a fun idea. I cut off the Christmas wish and make a wall collage with them (just using regular tape to put them on the wall) between our two huge wall maps (US and world). If someone lives farther away from us or in another country I try to put their picture closer to that map. Then we look at them all year. This is a reminder that I haven’t updated them yet! 🙂

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