A little something for me

This year, another sewing goal is to make clothing for myself. More specifically, things I would actually like to wear.

greyshirt2m I started with this! I modeled it after the tunic I made for Falafel because it just looked so dang comfy I had to try it myself!

greyshirt8m Please excuse the strange faces I am making in these photos. Apparently I am incapable of just smiling in a photo.

greyshirt4m Anyhow, I ran out of gray fabric (because this was a spontaneous project), so I mixed it up with mismatched sleeves. I actually love them this way.

greyshirt7m My favorite part of this tunic is the little contrasting stripe on the back, though. Believe it or not, it was to cover up the fact that I accidentally cut off the shoulder and had to make a quick save. Sometimes those are the best kinds of inspiration.

greyshirtm One shoulder wants to reveal my bra strap, every now and then. A friend of mine told me about a secret tab that some clothing manufacturers add inside to clip your strap to. I may have to look into how that is done! For now, I am OK with showing a little skin, so here’s one last sassy off the shoulder look for you.

What have YOU made today?


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15 thoughts on “A little something for me

  1. That is super fun. I love the contrasting colors. I cut up a red corduroy skirt for myself… for a Project Sewn challenge, but it isn’t sewn yet. One of Abby’s friends is coming over today and we’re sewing together. Should be fun!

      1. Thank you so much for saying that! In my dreams I’m a blogger! 🙂 But in reality since I home school my 4 kids (which takes all morning at least) I feel like if I had to blog then I might not get any sewing done. Also I’m horrible at photography and knowing how to do anything blog/computer related. My brother is great at that, but I have a feeling he doesn’t want to spend all his free time helping me! So for now, no blogging, perhaps when I can get everyone reading. Who knows what’s down the road.

  2. Ok. LOVE! I’m sewing with fleece today too. After school is done with the boys I’ll be making another adorable fleece hat for my niece’s daughter. Just finished one for her son. I really like sewing with this fabric! Didn’t think I would.

    Your tunic is totally my style of couture! The colors, too! 🙂 I LOVE really long sleeves. Hard to find for me at nearly 6′ tall! (part of the reason why I sew!) Thanks for sharing all your creations! XO

    1. Fleece is my favorite! It is what I learned on. I love the flexibility, and of course the feel.
      It is so easy.
      WOW 6′ tall! You can reach ALL the shelves!! I love that. I am 5 4″ and my oldest is already my height.
      Thank you. I love tunics so much. AND long sleeves cause I am always cold! LOL

  3. It is a fun top and looks super cozy! Lingerie straps are easy peasy to put in! I’ve done it to some of my favorite handmade tees that had gapey necklines in the beginning. Let me know if you can’t figure it out and I could make a quick tutorial for you.

  4. I love the mismatched look and the back stripe too. Something like that happened to me when I competed in the refashion runway and it made my top look even better! =D there are some happy mistakes!

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