PR&P second challenge: Movie Character Inspired Outfit

Project Run and Play‘s second challenge this season is to make an outfit based on a movie character.

My original thought was to do a pair of Vector (from Despicable Me) pajamas for Falafel and she was totally into it. You know Vector, right?


He’s so fabulous.

Well, then we saw FROZEN. It was unanimous.


I needed to make an Elsa inspired outfit for my girl.


I wanted this to be less “costumey”, and more of something that held the essence of the character (and that she could possibly wear to school). I started with the silver stretch denim for the jeans. I think they naturally scream “ice”.


I used my all time favorite jeans pattern Clean Slate pants by Blank Slate Patterns. I did double stitching everywhere and inserted a working zip fly.


I had to use the triple-garment-stitch in order to make the lines visible on this super shiny fabric. Consequently I went through about 5 bobbins to make these! Seriously a thread commitment if there ever was one. I was really wishing there was such a thing as a Bobbin-winding fairy by the second one. I would have paid her in candy.

Anyway… on to the shirt.

The shirt is this thin knit with bumpy dots and hearts all over it (I thought they went well with the ice/snow theme). I swooped the armpits a little lower so that it looked more fluid than a drastic angle. I wanted a “snow drift” effect on the sleeves, but cannot use elastic or elastic thread (since Falafel is allergic if it touches her skin) so I made the sleeves more fitted and longer for a rusched look when the sleeves are pushed up a bit.


Now onto the fun part: the detachable skirt! I made it to resemble the ones in big dance numbers in old movies like this:

IMG_6057 source

I wanted it to look a little less formal, and less bulky.


I used the knit shirt fabric, and attached it to a belt made from the jean fabric.


I think it fits perfectly with the theme of transformation in the film. Plus it gives it that extra dramatic element, which that movie has tons of.


I think it came together pretty nicely, and she cannot wait to wear it to school!

I love this movie….and these challenges.

What have YOU made today?


PS- O is for Olaf’s friend Elsa:)

13 thoughts on “PR&P second challenge: Movie Character Inspired Outfit

  1. I love this! Vector would have been awesome too, but I just love what you made with Frozen as inspiration. The shirt is a great color, and looks so comfy. That detachable skirt is such a fun idea! And the pants look fantastic! Worth the work for sure.

  2. That is so fun and the jeans are awesome! I know I said I wasn’t going to sew along but I have the pants/shirt done for my outfit…just need to make the vest and I’m procrastinating. But my plans for today just got canceled, so perhaps that means I should get it done! I’m working on Davy Crockett inspired.

    1. Oh I love that one! I had so many “classic” movies dancing in my head for this one, but Frozen is so good and we JUST saw it, so she was pretty excited about that.
      I love this theme though.

      1. It is a fun theme… the kids are gone and I’ve time to sew now, but I’m so tired I haven’t made myself do it yet! I’m hoping the sewing blogs will get me inspired and moving. 🙂

  3. Oh, so much catching up to do in your blog. I LOVE this outfit and the way you made it to make it mor wearable! I’m all about wearability lately! Great job!

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