Sassy Do

My girls were starting to look a might bit shaggy, so it was time for a haircut.

Falafel wants to grow hers out, so it was just a trim for her.

Our oldest was starting to get restless with her almost waist-length very thick mane. As lovely as it was, she was tired of being strangled at night by it every time she turned over in her sleep. She was tired of brushing it, which took a super long time to get through all those layers. She was tired of holding it up with her neck muscles because it was that heavy.

holidaybuttsm BEFORE

hairslym AFTER

hairsidem She feels lighter and freer and more mature.

hairbackm It was between this and a pixie cut. I left the decision up to her, and was silently routing for something like this.

hairstylem Honestly, I LOVED her long thick hair, but I know it grows, and I know how it feels to get restless with your “look”. Especially at 14.

hairham I am glad it makes her happy.

Do you cut your hair differently every once in a while to change things up?

8 thoughts on “Sassy Do

  1. I love her new do! I cut my hair different ways all the time. last summer it was partway down my back and now it is pretty short (you’ve seen the pics). I kind of like a little longer though. Something that has helped me a ton to love my curls is not shampoo-ing, just conditioning and using a very soft t-shirt to dry it. This has almost eliminated friz for me. Love it! 🙂

  2. I love her haircut!! I recently cut off 11 inches too and my little sister cut off 8 inches. My hair is shoulder length now…I like changing it up once in awhile, but that’s the shortest I will go!!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I love cutting our hair to get a quick change. It always grows.
      I even cut it super short once. It is back to a long length.
      I may be over due for another drastic one!

    1. you’re welcome… it has taken me a lifetime to figure out my curly hair. I’d love to help my girls… but my oldest is just in denial (she doesn’t want it to be curly) so I’m just waiting for the day she asks for help!

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