On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week there are two chapter books that my Falafel is reading:

nancybook Nancy Clancy books 2 and 3

by Jane O’Connor

She read the first one and LOVED it. We didn’t realize there were more until now! I feel like our dear friend, Fancy Nancy, who we love and adore,  is growing with my daughter. I really appreciate when Writers do that~ and do that well. The adventures are slightly more involved, but the sweetness remains.

If you are a fan of Fancy Nancy, these Nancy Clancy chapter books will dazzle you. Daaaahling.

What are YOU reading?

4 thoughts on “On-Our-Shelves Sunday

  1. we have read some of Nancy Clancy… they are fun! 🙂 I’m glad that Nancy Drew has gone down a little so my 9 year old can enjoy them (without the boy stuff!). Have you seen Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew. Very cute!

      1. I was pretty obsessed with them when I was a teen! 🙂 And it must run in the family. My brother currently has a collection of every single Hardy Boys book!

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