To put the monies in

My husband needed something for the bartenders at his job to carry the cash in from the portable bars.

So he drew up what he wanted and I made a protoype.

I then tweaked the design a little bit, and we decided on a fabric based on slide-ability. Corduroy did not work.

It took us about an hour of looking in Joanns. He is so patient.

This is the final result!

holder I forgot to look at the official name of this ultra weird fabric. It feels like really soft leather, but it looks absolutely fake. The print is sparkly bark.

holder2 When you open it once, you can see the zippered pocket for the occasional loose change.

holder4 Opened once more, it lays flat, and the bills can be inserted.

holder3 I am proud of our collaboration to make exactly what they needed!

5 thoughts on “To put the monies in

  1. That is so cool… Great job! It’s fun collaborating with husbands. This summer my job was to work with John to come up with padded packs to keep the little travel tv screens in and all it’s stuff on our long road trip. That was a fun project too! 🙂

  2. Go team! Your little custom pouches look great! I would love to be able to work with my husband on more “together” projects. We do well when we put aside our egos, have a clear division of tasks, and remember that we actually like each other. 🙂

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