Fruit Juice Finger Jello

The other day my friend Rebecca of the Rock Farmer posted a recipe on Facebook for a quick and relatively healthy snack. I am always looking for those! So I gave it a whirl.

jello8m The girls flipped over this!

I will share Rebecca’s recipe, and then what I did differently.

1 cup cold juice 

3 cups near-boiling juice (hot enough to dissolve the gelatin)

4 envelopes Knox gelatin or 1 oz of bulk gelatin  

2 Tb honey (optional)  

 Pour cold juice into a large bowl, then sprinkle all 4 packets of gelatin on top. Let this sit while you heat the rest of the juice to near-boiling. Pour the hot juice into the cold juice and gelatin mixture. Add the honey if you’re using it. Whisk until the gelatin is completely dissolved (up to 5 minutes of work). Pour into a 9×13″ pan, put that into the fridge and let it set up.

jello7m I only had Cranberry Juice in the house, so that is what I used. Since it already had some sugar in it, I skipped adding the honey. The kids (and Jim) all reported back to me (since I gag at the thought of eating jello, no matter how good it is) that the cranberry juice tasted slightly tart and needed more sugar. Actually Falafel said it tasted “dark”. I have no idea.

jello4m Anyhow, I am not the neatest jello-cutter ever. I really just hack my way through. If you are more talented in the ways of jiggly dessert portioning, I wish you all the best.

jello6m Even with my sloppy knife-work, it still looks pretty, though. Right?

jello3m What kinds of snacks do your kids like? Do you make homemade gelatin desserts?

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  1. looks great! Some of my kiddos do like Jell-O, but not all. I am a lazy snack mom (hmmm… what’s in the cupboard?). That’s something I need to work on. 🙂

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