Dino Soap

I saw this fabulous idea over at Artchoo and just had to try it.

soap3m Toy Dino Soaps!

soap2m I always have some glycerin blocks in my craft stash (you know, in case I need to make a last minute bar of soap) and Falafel has a huge dino collection that needed weeding, and we always keep our used yogurt and applesauce containers for crafts. Perfect!

soap4m These couldn’t be simpler to make.

soap6 We just happen to be visiting with two little boys that we haven’t visited in a while. I hope they like these hand washing dinosaurs!

What have YOU made today?

2 thoughts on “Dino Soap

  1. So cute! I’m going to keep that in mind. Did you just melt the glycerin? I suppose I could check the link… lazy I am. the kids are on break and I’m sitting here vegging out! 🙂 this week we’re making a super hero hide out kit. I found it on the internet somewhere. Two thrifted sheets with a strip of knit sewed in at the corners so you can tie it to something. A flashlight, clamps, glow sticks, etc. from the dollar store to help hang it and a little home made bag to put it in. Should be the perfect gift for my son to give his 7 year old friend. 🙂

    1. Yes! The glycerin was sold at Michaels craft store for soap making.
      You just follow the microwave directions on it.
      Easy peasy.
      I love the idea of a Super hero hideout kit!
      I have done fort-in-a-bags for friends…very well-received!

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