I’ll never loose my marbles…now

I don’t think I have ever shared a shadow box with you that we have had hanging in our dining room for two years. It was filled with keys. I took it apart before I thought of snapping a photo, so I can just tell you there were a lot of keys. All from our junk drawer. You know what keys I am talking about, right? Everyone seems to have a bag of keys that they have no idea what they go to, but they don’t throw them out because one day they may need them.

Yup. Those.

Anyhow, I found a purpose for them.


Until I came across this bin of my husband’s antique marble collection (that we have been toting around for 22 years now). Marbles are pretty. Especially when all together. So I did a little New Year’s swapping out the keys for the marbles.

marblesm I love it. The sides are all taped shut with black electrical tape cause those glass marbles are heavy!

marble2m Sometimes it takes a very small change to make a big impact. BTW that glass tile was done by The Bee in her glass fusing class before I even did this! She gave it to me afterward and it looks like they were made for each other!

As for the keys, they are back in their drawer awaiting another project….someday.

What have you changed this year?

6 Thoughts on “I’ll never loose my marbles…now

  1. The artwork of you and Bee compliment each other perfectly.

  2. Kristi Andres on January 4, 2014 at 9:31 am said:

    Those look great together! For the New Year I’m planning a room clean up a month and so January is our bedroom. (that’s why the quilt redo is in the works). but I also found some fun picture frames for our anniversary wall (we take a picture on each anniversary and add it to the wall behind our bed). Lots of clean up has happened as well. I can see the sanctuary it used to be coming back to me!! :)

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