What day is this?

I am having the hardest time keeping the days straight on our winter break. Without school, or lessons of any kind, or even work there is nothing to help me. We all just seem to be floating in this lazy bliss.

I thought I would share our Christmas day all-decked-out kid photos (before it was New Years Day) that I snapped as we were headed off to our friends’ house.

christmasgirls2m They were all fancied up and ready to go!

christmas2m Her sister let her wear a bracelet. So very special.

christmas3m This girl was wearing makeup. I have to say, teens have gotten much more makeup savvy than when I was 14. I am amazed that my parents let me out of the house wearing blue frosted eyeshadow and white/pink lipstick. YIKES 80’s. And NO there aren’t any photos of this that I will share. Ha!

christmas7m Our little one is still young enough to pull off pigtails and a sweet poofy dress and still look adorable.

christmas4m Right before we walked out of the house, our Christmas tree fell over, breaking a whole side of glass ornaments. They shattered all across the hardwood floor. Jim and I spent about an hour just getting all the shards up, in our good clothes.

christmasgirls2mbw I was glad to finally be on our way to celebrate.

Did your kids get dressed up? Did your tree fall over this year?

8 thoughts on “What day is this?

  1. I love, love, love, love Bee’s outfit. We went nowhere so there was no dressing up except in the costumes I made them for Christmas (you can see pics on my blog). Our tree remains intact….

    1. Melissa- those costumes are fabulous! I love Totoro…and the other, just gorgeous.
      Thanks! I don’t know if you see in the photo, but it is pants and an overlay jacket type thing.
      Very Star Trekky. LOL

  2. Your girls look so lovely! Classy and foo foo! Love it! We donned our hiking winter gear and went to the park this year as the weather is seasonably appropriate with lots of white stuff! At least for the next day or so! 🙂

  3. They look fantastic! What a great job! We had family pictures taken on Christmas Eve and wore our best outfits for that shin-dig. Then on Christmas day we just hung out in our jammies and played with our toys. It was great. 🙂 Over the last week we’ve had 4 Christmas celebrations. Kind of wild, but great! (and no tree falling down, thank goodness – that sounds horrible!)

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