They’re doing Pyrography

One of my favorite holiday movies is White Christmas. I love all the music and the costumes and the story. Just everything, really.

Anyhow, there is a song in there called “Choreography“. Just in case you haven’t seen it…

Stay with me now, there is a point. For some reason every time I burn something in wood I think of that song, but instead of “Choreography“, I insert “Pyrography“.


All that to say, I have tried more wood burning. This time I used blanks from the craft store.

pyro1m I made a few spoons. These were unfinished raw wood, and it went much smoother than the finished bamboo ones I did.

pyro6m This one is my favorite.

acornboxCollage I also made a box with 5 different designs on it.

pyrobox2m I think I am getting the hang of it. I still haven’t figured out a way to avoid smelling like a forest fire, though. These were gifts for lovely friends we spent yesterday with. Christmas, this year, went by fast.

How was YOUR holiday? What did you gift?

8 thoughts on “They’re doing Pyrography

  1. Hey those look great!! I love the play on the song – that song is a hoot – so if you are doing pyrography? What is it that you aren’t doing (as opposed to the dancing they no longer do in the song?) 🙂

  2. love the song (and the movie – watched it already this year!) and the wood burning looks great! so much detail. did you draw it yourself? that’s talent. I can do really good stick figures (that’s what I usually do for cards and stuff), but my cousin got all the drawing talent from my grandma. I got the sewing skills! 🙂 I’m gifting 15 fleece infinity scarves tonight for aunts and cousins.

    1. Me too! I love everything about that film.
      I did draw it, thank you! I was an Fine Arts Major in college (and I am glad to actually use some of it now- LOL).
      Oh I would love to see pics of your scarves (and your stick figures:).

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