Pyrography Plans

Remember my post here about that stack of wood? Well, I got myself a wood burning tool, and had/have grand plans for making beautiful things with it.

As with anything new, I think this will be a learning process.

spoon I burned a bamboo spoon as my first project and found out a few things. #1- Unfinished wood is better to burn. I kept scraping up the waxy finish with the tool. It didn’t make it smooth sailing, that is for sure.

spoon2 and #2- I think I will try pine next time. The bamboo has a bumpy texture which also added to the difficulty.

spoon3 For my first attempt, I think it is OK.

logs2m As for the wood “cookies” that I sliced up the other day, they are still wet inside. It was supposed to be a cured log, but when I cut into it, there was moisture. I am not sure I will be able to make all those gifts I had wanted to for Christmas. I suppose there is always next year!

Now if I could just figure out a way to avoid smelling like burned wood after creating.


Have you tried Pyrography? Any tips for a beginner?


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