Birthday Thrifting Adventure recap

I got to take my 14 year old and her two friends on a thrifting adventure for her birthday!

ladiesm We did the same game last year, and they had so much fun, she wanted to do it again.

I gave them each $5.00 to spend on themselves, and then they drew a name, and got $5.00 to spend on that person. They had a blast! We went to 5 different thrift stores, AND the mall to get the Bee’s ears pierced (second hole). It was quite the day!

I really enjoyed hanging around with these ladies. They were fun, and didn’t seem at all embarrassed to be with me, which was a pleasant surprise.

It was a very happy birthday for our 14 year old girl.

8 Thoughts on “Birthday Thrifting Adventure recap

  1. Kristi Andres on December 16, 2013 at 8:48 am said:

    I need to go thrifting again soon… need some tee’s to recycle into boys underwear. Perhaps after Christmas when I’m done with that sewing! Maybe I can fit boys underwear into one of the themes for PR&P! :)

  2. that sounds so much fun… I’d love to have you as a mother… heheheh…

  3. What an awesome idea – I love this! Glad they had a great day :)

  4. What a fun party!! I think my girls would do it.

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