Testing The Caroline Party Dress

I had the opportunity to test a pattern for Haley over at Mouse House Creations this week.


I decided to really go for it and do an fancy dress with this pattern.


I was watching the Return of the King the other night (*ahem* again), and Eowyn’s robe struck me as being the perfect palette for this dress. I love the combination of using fur trim, and textured fabric, and hints of pale gold. *sigh*

This inspiration led me on a fabric hunt at Joanns, and I found the perfect blue, only, it was knit. Meh. So I looked some more (and on that note, a special “Thank You” to my husband for his tower of patience while helping me at the fabric store. I love that he comes with me and more importantly-gives me input!.) and found this beautiful textured rose-pink satin-like fabric with a sparkle that unfortunately doesn’t show up in the photos. It is gorgeous. I paired that with some super soft minky fur, and light gold tulle. And voila….


We also found a light gold belt at Goodwill later that day and cut it down to fit miss petite. Perfect!


Anyhow, back to the pattern. This dress is classic design with faux cap sleeves. I think this may be my favorite feature! The bodice and sleeves are all one pattern. It would have been a quick sew, but I chose many slippery fabrics to work with, and that made me very careful. I think woven cottons would be really easy to manage and make it go way faster. Even with my slowness, it only took a few hours to sew this one up.


There are so many options. I chose to do them all! I did the collar, the belt loops, the underskirt with tulle, AND in seam pockets.


I also asked my sweet girl to stand outside in freezing 30 degree temps to get these photos. As a prize for being a trooper, I made her a bolero and let her put it on for a few more.


This was an easy sew. I just used an existing sweater as a pattern, and then curved and shortened the front. I also made some pompoms.


Because let’s face it, everything is better with pompoms.


I say she is covered for New years now.


Thanks for choosing me to test this one. It was a pleasure.

If you are looking for a great new pattern, it will be released some time next week. Check out Haley’s blog for more details!


PS- “M” is for minky!


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8 thoughts on “Testing The Caroline Party Dress

  1. Oh, wow! this is beautiful! I cannot show Becka (my youngest) this because she will decide she needs one too! I haven’t tried working with fur yet, I’m kind of worried about that!

    1. It get EVERYWHERE! LOL I was covered, my dining room, the countertop- and the lunch I was eating at the time.
      But, the result is FABULOUS.
      I wish I remembered the designer of that silky fabric. It was actually nice to sew with.
      Very expensive, but it was 50% off. Originally 19.99/yard!!! Yikes.
      This was a splurge, big time.

      1. well from the looks of it, it was well worth the splurge! I might have to buy a little of the faux fur sometime and just give it a try. Abby (my oldest) would look at me like I was crazy if I tried to put it on one of her items, but Becka (5) might just love me forever! 🙂

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