Meet Maple and Marigold

After school yesterday, we headed straight for the pet store for our girl’s 8th birthday present.

rats3mPlease excuse the terrible photos! Bad lighting + fast rats= blurry photos

ratsmMeet Maple and Marigold!

rats2mThis was our Falafel’s only gift request this year. She wanted Hooded Fancy Rats, and now she has them to love and care for. It is quite the event in this house, since we have been pet free for at least 4 years now. After having cats for 15 years, we decided we needed a good long break. Honestly, I am not completely sold on having any pets at all, but our girl is over-the-moon with these new critters. And they are stinkin’ cute.

SO….now we have rats.

4 thoughts on “Meet Maple and Marigold

  1. OK, even I have to admit these are a seriously cute version of a rat! I could perhaps be talked into something that adorable (but don’t tell my kids). 🙂 I’m sick today so it’s a good think it’s snowing a little because the kids are entertained while I lie in the recliner!

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