Always remember to put a bow on it

My husband and I were out gathering supplies for Falafel’s upcoming birthday (which we were grossly unprepared for), and we came across these gift ribbon hair clips in a store. They were charging $4.00 each.

Well, Jim turned to me and said “You could make those, AND Falafel would LOVE them“.

Yes and yes!

So I did. And now you can too, because this is the easiest tutorial ever. I almost feel silly breaking it down into steps for you. But I did because I love.


Gather your supplies!


I used mini and regular-sized gift bows. You can use any size you want.


Bows + really strong glue (I used the kind I use for jewelery) + hair clips (I had the kind you would use to set hair because they lay flat).


I started by trimming the back of the bow (the part you peel and stick) to make it more narrow to fit on the clip. It just made the whole thing look neater.


Next, while wearing gloves, I dabbed some super glue onto the clip. Make sure you follow the directions on your tube of glue. Mine needed plenty of ventilation.


Lastly, I pressed the bow onto the clip and let it dry upside down.


I was going to save them for her birthday in a few days, but I am just not that person. I LOVE to gift early. I couldn’t help myself wanting to make her smile.


Of course she wanted to wear them ALL at the same time!


She has been having such a rough time with her stiff neck lately (that still hasn’t gone away three weeks and counting). Lots of doctor’s appointments and now we need to see a neurologist to see what is going on with our sweet bug. I was glad to make her happy.


Her first reaction was *gasp* “Do you have any more bows that I can use for presents??!!”. Bows are very exciting around here. I think these may be the very first ones I have actually purchased. Ever. I suppose that is the downside of the handmade home! Heh.


She plans on wearing these a lot. One or many. I think she looks like Christmas.


Let me know if you make these! I would love to see the “little gifts” in your life.



6 thoughts on “Always remember to put a bow on it

    1. The glue I believe I got at Joanns! And the hairclips were at Walmart. They were next to the barrettes and headbands, near the rollers. I believe they were under $2.00!

  1. Sometimes it’s just the most simple things that bring the most joy! I would NEVER have thought of this – so easy and so so brilliant! I have three nieces now, and I’m seeing them all at Christmas… hhhmmmmm 😉

    1. Oh you should totally make some! Super easy. Really. I used a very strong waterproof glue because
      I know sometimes my girls use water to style their hair. Or they put them in when the hair isn’t completely dry!

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