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It is that time of year again. The special time when I put my family through a special type of torture called the “Family Photo Christmas Card” (like here and here). We do this because our friends and family are spread out across the globe, and we don’t always get to see them in a year. And when you have kids, as you know, a lot happens in a year.

This year, we did it in one day, and only two different sessions. Sheesh.

My husband was ever so helpful by yelling “Butts!” or “Farts!” just before the timer went off, so the girls’ mouths would be open and eyes shut as they were guffawing.

I am saving the ones we chose for the actual card, so I won’t be able to share them today.

These are the outtakes.

holidaycard15buttsm “Butts”

holidaybutts4m OK people. Not amused.

holidaybuttsposembw We tried a Charlie’s Angels-esque pose. It didn’t work.

holidaybutts3m There was all kinds of improv going on.

holidaybuttsm Besides the cold and wet (that seem to be there every year), we had a fun time goofing around with the camera.

holidayjimmm When all was said and done, we had our holiday card.


Do you take an annual family photo? Do you send out holiday cards?

11 thoughts on “Family Foto Fun

  1. that is so fun! We actually had our Christmas card printed in October because I had a gift card and discount coupon at Shutterfly. This made them ridiculously cheap. I just did a collage since we didn’t have one great picture. However I’m sewing up clothes that coordinate in an attempt to update our family picture and get the kids “school pictures” done. We try to take them every year even though we home school to keep track of what they look like and give to family. 🙂 Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Oh, got my PR&P stuff linked up. Finally done with some of the Christmas clothes. One shirt and a possible bow tie left!

  3. WOW!!!!!WOW!!!!!WOW!!!!
    Love the pre-pics of christmas card. you all look so wonderful. Michelle, the stick puppets were so amazing, YOU,YOU,YOU, SOOOOO talented and I am so proud could not stop smiling.

    Love, MaMa

    1. Thank you Melissa! It is rare that we get together for a photo session with all 4 of us, as well.
      I make them do this once a year, because I know it would never happen otherwise!

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