On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week, in honor of all the upcoming birthdays, we are reading:

magicbookm The Magic School Bus

Gets Baked in a Cake

This Magic School Bus book is all about kitchen chemistry. This series is great at presenting a lot of factual information in a very fun form. They remind me of a more intricate comic book. And my girls both love comics!

What are YOU reading this week?

2 thoughts on “On-Our-Shelves Sunday

  1. Oh, fun! We love all the Magic School bus books and tv shows (can you believe they make Theo look like a comic character-takes me back to the Cosby Show)… anyway. This week for school I’ll be reading, Harold and the Purple Crayon to the younger kids. That’s a fun book and we’ll have to roll out the paper and draw, with our purple crayon! 🙂

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