THOR: The Dark World review

Sorry, did I shout??

My good friend Lisa and I had the opportunity to preview the new Thor movie, last night!

thor2m This is kind of our “thing”. We like Superhero movies. Like here and here. So much. Especially those involving a certain Asgardian god. And Lisa is super fun to see them with.

Good ol’ Gal time.

lisaadme I will not give any of the plot away (you can watch plenty of trailers for that), but I will say that this movie was even better than the first! The acting, costuming, plot, action sequences, and even the story were so incredible. The comedic timing was impeccable as we have come to expect from these brilliant Marvel films.

And Thor is my favorite.

This movie was thoroughly enjoyable on all levels, and really surprised us a few times with plot twists. Oh and the “Man candy” as my friend says. There is a gratuitous shirtless shot in there, I think meant just for us. It didn’t affect the plot, but it sure did affect the experience.

It was a good night out at the movies.

I will say that I still am not a fan of 3D. It just makes me dizzy. Maybe it’s the bifocals underneath the 3D glasses, or that fast motion in my face the older I get makes me sick. Whatever it is, I prefer good ol’ fashioned 2D films. With that said, even with the added dimension, this film was awesome.

What kinds of movies do you like?

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