Project Sewn: Signature Style Challenge

I decided to squeeze in on the last challenge for this round of Project Sewn. I rarely get to sew for myself, and especially with Halloween coming up (rapidly) I wanted to make sure to do something selfish before committing to any costume making for kids.

This challenge was: Signature Style.

First I should tell you a little about me and my style. I am all about comfort. I walk around in clothing that could be mistaken, easily, for pajamas. “Yoga pants” worn when one does not do Yoga, is just lounge wear. I also wear fuzzy slipper socks all the time. Even outside, with shoes.

The second thing is versatility. I am a minimalist. I do not believe in owning things that do not fulfill a purpose. I own very few clothes, but the ones I do have get worn. I love when I can take a basic top and give it many looks~ dress it up by adding a scarf, or a strand of beads or a nice jacket.

I also love being warm.

Now that you have a little background info, this tunic-style comfy top will make more sense.

Please excuse the photos. Making the outfit is the easy part. Getting in front of the camera, and have it look flattering, is downright difficult.

blackshirt2m I started with the Seafarer Top, added length, and long sleeves. These are no ordinary sleeves, though. They have a secret.

blackshirthandsm Thumb holes! I am considering doing this to all my shirts. I wear these wrist warmers all the time, anyway, why not make them a part of the actual shirt!

blackshirtmbw I was trying to look relaxed. I think it came across as nausea. Ha!

I am not quite sure what is up with my eyes.

Anyhow, I now have a very functional comfy versatile shirt that I will be wearing with lots of accessories… or none at all.


16 thoughts on “Project Sewn: Signature Style Challenge

  1. It looks super comfy! I love the sleeves. I have been thinking about doing that on something too. I finished an outfit for PS last night that if I can find a photographer today 🙂 I will try and get posted before the deadline! Great job!!

    1. Got it in! 🙂 BTW I was going to tell you that we read the books, “Mossy” and “Hedgie Blasts off” by Jan Brett for school this week. We loved them!

    2. Thanks Kristi:) That is the hard part, isn’t it? My youngest (who always take the photos of me) was at school. My husband had to, and for some reason I always make goofy faces when he takes them. LOL

  2. I love this is a Signature Style because this is usually the signature style that I have every day. It is a true to what blogging mommies really wear.

  3. LOVE comfort! My boys do this to their sleeves (ehem…without a sewing machine). Maybe I should learn how to do thumb holes? Will you show me?

    You make it all look so easy. Even just modeling the piece.

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