Pumpkin Picking

This is one of my favorite traditions in our family. You can tell from how many photos you are about to see.

pumppick13m Going to the pumpkin patch!

pumppick11m I am always amazed at how much thought goes into choosing something we will ultimately cut up.

pumppicktwom Every crack and crevice must be examined, closely.

pumppickm Seriously.

pumppick3m This year they were pretty picked over, but our girls managed to find a few to take home.

pumppick9m And I always manage to get more than a few photos.

pumppickgirlsm It was about 42 degrees out and the field was wet.

pumppickcornm That didn’t stop us from staying for about an hour.

pumppick12m It is the experience we love.

pumppickhorsem Even though we have been to this same patch the last few years, there is always something new to photograph.

pumppickstackm You can’t tell from these photos, but I was actually surprised at how many people had the same idea on the same day!

pumppickoooohm This guy was fantastic!

pumppick18m Here is Falafel for size. She was holding on to him so she wouldn’t be scared. She still looked a little nervous to me.

pumppicksunm Everywhere we looked there were signs that Fall was more than here.

pumppickbirdm It was well on it’s way.

pumppickm This time is fleeting. Both season and the time in our lives.

pumppickwalk2m Our girls will only be this age (uh and I guess so will we) once.

pumppickpumm Do you have any Autumn traditions?

pumppick8mbw What is one of your favorite things about Fall?

I love the introspection.

And the colors.

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Picking

  1. What a beauty of a post. Both introspection- and season-wise. 🙂 What is it about pumpkins that makes them so perfectly photogenic? Whatever it is, I’m a little jealous…(Imagine being jealous of a pumpkin!)

  2. We always, always go to the apple orchard and we almost always go to the pumpkin patch. Sigh – we didn’t make the pumpkin patch this year we’ve been so crazy busy I did pumpkin patch at the apple orchard.

    I love your photos – I love going to the same patch every year because it is neat to the continuity and change in the photos.

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