First day Back to School

Aaaaand time marches on. I feel as though we just did this, but it was, in fact, an entire year ago.

Yesterday, our girls started back to school. And as per our photo tradition, we took some photos at 6:45 am…and they feigned enthusiasm.

firstdaycheerm Falafel

firstcheerm And the Bee

firstdaypatm Lots of nerves and stomachs all a flutter here. Not quite sure why there was all this anxiety.

firstday8m They’ve done it all before.

firstdaydownm I asked Falafel if she was excited to go back to school. She said she was excited for school to begin…so it can end.

firstday2m Papa lent her his special martian friend to ease any first day jitters. That seemed to work!

firstdayamusedm The Bee was most concerned with Algebra.

firstdaysmile2m I think she’ll be fine.

firstdaycurvem Last year of Junior High. It’s only the beginning.

firstdaytwom We have many special back-to-school traditions, really. The girls get to choose what we have for dinner. They always look forward to this. Some years it is very elaborate, but this year, luckily, it was super simple.

firstdaytwo2m GF chicken nuggets and GF corndogs.


firstday7mm I also ask them a few questions so we can remember this time a little better.

firsttadamm When they both got home, we found out that everyone had lovely days and love all their teachers.

I call that a huge success.

How was your first day back?

4 thoughts on “First day Back to School

  1. My kid stayed home with me until last week (she’s two), we are still adjusting for her into daycare. It’s been hard, she cries for me every morning and has gone back for her comfort objects. It’s been hard, but today for the first time she wasn’t crying when I left.

    1. Oh that is progress! That is so very hard for us, as parents. She will be OK.
      My 7 year old was way past comfort objects, but the night before school
      she NEEDED her special blanket. For comfort.
      I think we all run to what it familiar and comforting.
      I know I had a big ol brownie when the kids went to the first day of school:)
      Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. WoW! The girls are growing up so fast. Hope they enjoyed their first day of school. J had her first day of high school yesterday. I can’t believe she’s in high school already.

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