Mod dot dress

I have been trying to perfect my pattern making skills (especially after watching the Great British Sewing Bee). I was feeling very inadequate and sloppy after watching those ladies!

I drafted a whole new bodice for Falafel to try to get a better fit. I swear, every pattern I try to use seems to be too wide at the shoulders. I have also in the past erred on the side of too big, all in the name of growth, but I really wanted to try a fitted garment to see if I could.

The results: I DID IT!


I found this Moda print (I believe) at Goodwill for $2.00/2 yards. I was saving it until the perfect project came up. This was it.


There is an invisible zip in the back.


I did pintucks, gathers, and a pleat, as well as piping in the front. How’s that for fancy?


I was all prepared to add sleeves, but with the warmer temps (I think it may have been 60 today), she wanted to keep it sleeveless.


This fabric looks so vintage to me that I wanted that to reflect in the design. I think the piping makes this dress.


The hazards of being barefoot. Ouch.


This is her new favorite dress to wear. She didn’t even want to change into her pajamas for bed (which is really unlike her~that child is always up for PJ’s). That is a huge compliment.


And she loves the flowers. Really. If you want to hear squealing and swooning, just bring some flowers into the house. Our girls just go crazy for them. Even if they are for me.


Anyhow, she gave this dress a very thorough testing.


It passed with flying colors.


So far, I think this is one of my best dresses {if I do say so myself}.

What have you made today?


15 thoughts on “Mod dot dress

  1. What a perfect dress for the fabric! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started drafting only to give up in frustration, so nice to see a completed project :o)

    1. Thanks, Jen! Keep at it! You can do it!
      That is my cheer for you:)
      I always use an existing garment to trace the important points, then go from there.

  2. 1. I am in love with that dress! Fantastic job!
    2. Your drafting skills rock.
    3. I have the same fabric! (Only the littlest scrap left, alas.)

    1. You are so very kind, Ann!
      Thank you.
      Oh gosh, I love this fabric. I don’t think I have ever made a yellow dress before, but really like the cheeriness!!

  3. You are invited at any time to come over and sew some clothes for me!

    I ADORE everything you make!!!!

    That fabric is beautiful! Your GW sells fabric by the yard? That’s fantastic!


    1. LOL…Thanks Kolein!
      The Goodwill here has fabric bundled up and labeled with how many yards is in there.
      So far, I have gotten some really great pieces! It keeps me coming back:)

    1. Thanks Amanda! If you have a fairly good fitting shirt, you can use it as a guide!
      My next thing will be to figure out how to do a sloper for my teen! Teens are tricky.

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