Wands and Magic

As you may know, I was one of the first three to get booted off the Sew Off competition this week.

While I was sad, I must say there was a tiny bit of relief. There are so many things coming up this week that I would like to tackle, and honestly I had no idea what I would make for the next round’s project.

I would like to give my thanks, however, for being able to compete at all. I am glad for any chance to challenge my creativity, especially amongst such talented ladies.


One of the things coming up this week is a Birthday of a dear friend of ours, who is having a Harry Potter party. I find this so endearing and a very true test of the quality of J.K Rowling’s books. Yet another generation is now old enough to appreciate them (and they do!).

I remember making these wands for my now 13 year old (when she was 7). She was an early advanced reader and talked me into allowing her to read the first book at that age. Instantly, we both fell in love with the story and with Ms. Rowling’s writing. I gladly did my share of Harry Potter crafting for her.

Now although my youngest hasn’t read any of the books yet, she did get the invitation to the party. Falafel is just as excited about going, in any case, and asked if I could make her costume and if we could make a wand together.

YES! Of course.

So the first part we tackled was the easiest (and most fun)…


The great thing about this was that I made my own and Falafel made hers! She is now old enough to handle the glue gun and manipulate the paper and paint.


With that said, because she missed stuffing a spot (tightly) with tissue paper, the wand cracked at the handle after it was done. I had to fix it with some masking tape and more hot glue and paint. I think it looks pretty good…but be warned: STUFF YOUR WANDS TIGHTLY (but carefully) so they don’t break. Once they are stuffed, these things hold up really well!


You can see the difference in this photo. Mine is the one on your left. Hers has the tape on the right.


I really think she did a brilliant job for her first time!  She even chose the antique gold paint color from my stash. I was impressed by her confidence with this project, in every stage.


If you would like to make one too, click here for my tutorial!

Now, onto the robe.


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