MC Hammer Pants

Do you remember MC Hammer? More importantly, do you remember his PANTS???

Here’s a little refresher:

I refer to these pants as being his, but truth be told, I actually had a pair in the late 80’s in High school {which I loved} before he made them popular.

I have been wanting to make a pair of these pants for my Falafel, because I knew she would be the one to appreciate them for their whimsicalness and the comfort factor.

So here is my version of the… hammer8m

While looking for an Ugly Pattern for Simple Simon and Company’s contest, I stumbled across this vintage pattern. Unfortunately it was a size 12/14, and my girl wears a 6. That didn’t stop me, though. I laid out the pattern to get the general shape, and then just made it smaller. I also changed it slightly by taking out some of the bulk in the waist. I didn’t think the way the pattern was would be comfortable.


What I did learn from this vintage pattern was how to insert pockets! I have always had this secret fear to try these. Silly, really. They couldn’t have been easier!


I am so proud.


The pants are made from *brace yourself* spandex snakeskin/lace dancewear fabric. OH YES THEY ARE!


This fabric is just perfect for these pants. It gives them just the right amount of swish, and makes these totally fun to wear. I also whipped up a matching headband to keep my girl’s crazy hair out of her face while she was dancing around in her new bottoms.


To make it gathered in the center, I just took a strip of the fabric and used it like elastic to give it a ruched effect.


And now:


OK I don’t know who was having more fun with this. Me or her.


*She was actually dancing to Elvis tunes.


My husband asked if we’ll ever get her to take these off.


I don’t think so. I’d better get to making another pair!

Also, after seeing these, The Bee has put in a request for some too.

Maybe we’ll start a new old trend!

Did you have a pair of these? Would you wear them now?


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8 thoughts on “MC Hammer Pants

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a short time but found this a particularly interesting post since, I’ve been on the same journey for my girls. It started with making my girls wrap pants:

    Then I discovered Thai Fisherman Pants that I want to try:

    Which, because the web is a labyrinth of bunny trails, led to harem pants:

    and these seriously cool dhoti pants:

    of course, Easter dresses must be finished first.

    Love the photos of your daughter – she looks like she is channeling Hammer.

    1. I just checked out your wrap pants and they are awesome!
      And the Harem pants are just like the ones I made. The Dhoti pants look way fancier, but really pretty.
      Thanks for all the links. I love following those trails too:)

      Thanks for following too!

  2. If you let her go out in public with that expression of total joy then, yes, you’re going to revive this trend. I caution you to use this power responsibly!

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