Spring is in the Yard

It is still very cold here, but we are noticing very subtle signs of Spring.

springpickm The sun has been peeking out and shining down on us, even though we still need our winter coats. It feels good.

springdaffm Our daffodils are getting ready to show us some fabulous color.

springm Even our art work reflects what is happening outside.

springdrawm My husband, Jim, and The Bee buried a deer two Summers ago that they found in the woods where our house is. Coyotes took it down, but left it there to stink, so they buried it deep in the earth. Later that evening, we heard yips and hollers of the angry coyotes, and the next day they found it unburied. They reburied it again, because the neighbors were actually complaining about the stench at this point, and haven’t been back to see it since. Until yesterday. Falafel and Jim went into the woods to see it, and she came back with these:

springbonem Deer rib bones. We said she could keep them, but only outside. Now they adorn our garden-to-be. She is very excited about them.

springsmilem There are always surprises to be found in the Spring.

What’s in YOUR yard?