Come Together

I took The Bee to a little informal jam session that her teacher was having along with a guitar teacher and his three students the other night.

My intention was to sit quietly in the corner and listen while they did their thing. Instead, however, her teacher asked me if I wanted to join in on the piano.

Um, YES!!!

Sorry. Did I shout too loudly?

He gave me the chords of each song they played and away we went.

It was exhilarating, to say the least!

It was so much fun to play along in a group, especially with my own daughter. I had never played in a “band” before and found it to be a special kind of excitement. It is incredibly magical when everyone is playing different parts and somehow it all fits together. Like a beautiful Barber Shop Quartet. Oooh I think I have goosebumps.

We had so much fun playing all the old favorites and some new {to us} as well. The spectrum of music ran from “Amazing Grace” to Bob Dylan. Very diverse, to say the least. Especially since there were two electric guitars, 1 bass guitar, an acoustic, two fiddles, and a piano.

There was an older woman sitting outside the glass door. When I came out, she said “Oh that sounds like fun!”. At one point she got up and stood with her face pressed to the door. She was lured by the enchantment of joyous music.

The best part of this whole experience is, a new opportunity to bond over music with my teen.


Oh music! Is there nothing you can’t do?

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