Spring Fever Remix

Over at Project Run and Play is a pattern remix challenge. Jessica of Me Sew Crazy offered her Spring Fever Dress pattern for us to rework and make our own.

remixmm This was a fun dress to make! I made a few modifications. The first being the size. Her pattern only went up to a size 5, and my girl wears a 6, so I enlarged everything slightly.

remixtopm The next thing I did was move that lovely ruffled piece to the front, and give it a little pleat and some beautiful buttons.

remixbuttonm These buttons have a leaf pattern on it that mimics the feathers on the fabric. They may just be one of my favorite things about this project. I love that I found them and how they fit together with the fabric {BTW: all fabric was found thrifting! More reason to love.}

remixarmm I also gave it some sweet puffy gathered sleeves.

remixside2m I lengthened each tier and only made 3 instead of 4 ruffles for the bottom half.


The button on the back is from my older daughter’s stash, actually. It is vintage and also has a feathered pattern on it. Fabulous!


I thought it needed a belt around the middle, so I whipped up a velcro {detachable} belt with my label on the back. *I also think this would be a great place to put a fabric flower too*


It fits my Falafel like a glove, and she loves it!

remixsidem She even put it on and agreed to take photos in the rain. That is love right there.


I hope you enjoyed my little pattern remix!

What have you made today?


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25 Thoughts on “Spring Fever Remix

  1. Great remix! I love the buttons and I have to say, it totally reminds me of Heidi. 😀

  2. Beautiful fabric choices. Great Remix.

  3. You did a really good job-looks great!

  4. Very cute. Love the fabric you used.

  5. Gorgeously done! I had plans of remixing and was going to move the back detail to the front also, but I doubt I’ll fit in enough sewing time to get it done. Oh well. I’ll enjoy the linky party viewing! :)

  6. What a beautiful dress! Love the fabrics and color scheme and pictures. :)

  7. Very cute Michelle! You have such a fun style. Colors and prints are wonderful! Great job.

  8. That is adorable! I love it! Can you make 3 for my girls please. LOL Definitely pinning this!

    xoxo, Tara

  9. I love how the colors all come together. Very well done!

  10. Love these pictures so much!!! She looks adorable!!!
    Thrifted fabric is the best and I love the buttons!

  11. Like others have mentioned, it looks like it could fit right into some classic movies. A very memorable dress!

  12. What a cute dress! I just love the big sleeves and the feather fabric you used.

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