Baby Nursing Pillow

Do you remember all the sewing I was doing for my friend’s baby? Well, I missed the shower this past weekend due to the cruddy crud that has settled in my chest and in my head.

I did manage to sew up one more thing to give her, though.


I absolutely loved the one that someone gave us when we had our second child, 7 years ago. I remember thinking how invaluable this little thing was.


I found an extremely easy pattern in Simple Sewing For Baby by Lotta Jansdotter. I thought it would be more complicated than this, but it isn’t!

I hope my friend finds it as useful as I remember it to be.

What tools did you find useful when you had a newborn?


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4 Thoughts on “Baby Nursing Pillow

  1. It’s a beaut! I remember this pillow was equally good for teaching our little one to sit up as well. Doubly handy!

  2. Awesome! I might have to make one for my sis!

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