On-our-shelves Sunday

This week I have had a rip roarin’ sinus infection. Now I lost my voice. UGH. Oh and my older daughter has a low grade fever. And threw up. The germs have landed.

There is one book that I would always read to my girls when they were sick, that would make us all feel better {as you can see by our well-worn copy, we have used it a lot}….


Where’s My Hug?

by Amy Hest

While this book was written for a much younger crowd, I still really like to curl up with it. It is simple and cozy. Like a well-worn blanket.

Is it the sweet story about a Mama and her bear that I love? Is it the beautifully soothing illustrations that make me want to read it again?

I think YES to both. This story is great for when you are feeling under the weather. Now my girls can read it to me. Or the youngest can read it to us all.

I’m going to have another cup of tea.

What book makes you feel better when you are sick?

One thought on “On-our-shelves Sunday

  1. Aw, that book looks good. I’ll have to check it out. We reach for the Llama, Llama books right now. When I was little I loved “The King, the Mice, and the Cheese.” My copy is so worn out now and it is hard to find

    Hope you feel better soon!

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