Movie Inspired Creations

Dang sinus infection. I am sitting in bed, and the tylenol just kicked in, so I thought I would come up with a post about movies, since I am about to watch one.

There are a few Film-inspired challenges out there right now {that I am working on~ I mean once I can breathe again}. I figured it would be fun to do a round-up of all the projects I have done in the past, before doing anything new, that were inspired by films!

PicMonkey Collagewand

Harry Potter Wands         A Hard Day’s Night         The secret World of Arrietty {By The Bee}

PicMonkey Collagehobbm

The Hobbit Cloak Tutorial  The Hobbit Birthday Party  Hobbit Stick Puppets  The Grey Wizard’s Hat

My Sweet Hobbit   Hobbit Feet Tutorial

PicMonkey Collagebrave

Brave costume and stick puppets  Peter Pan Stick Puppets  Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses

And how could I ever forget Creepy Anime doll?? *shutters*



As you can see, I am often inspired to create by movies {and books, but I didn’t even touch on those- except for the Hobbit}. In a way, I am glad I haven’t even gotten into the whole Downton Abbey thing. I sneaked a peek at some of the clothing, and I would want to make everything I saw. There just wouldn’t be enough hours in a day for that (Um, if I ever wanted to see my husband and kids that is). Speaking of my children, I want to say what a fabulous job they are doing today, publicly, of taking care of their Mama. The Bee cooked me breakfast and made some GF muffins and cleaned the house. And Falafel has cleaned up her room, made her own bed, and brought me little presents that she made for me. Oh how I love them so.

Anyhow, back to resting…

What inspires you to create?

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  1. This is such a fun post! I especially love the LOTR stuff! We definitely want to get to something Hobbit-y with Film Petit some day 🙂

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